Oats + Coconut Milk Soap

Vegan Coconut Milk Soap A soothing fragrance of thick cream with hints of vanilla and nutty oatmeal, sweetened with honey. A rich warm comforting scent.Our Oats + Coconut Milk soap is made mostly with coconut milk and very little water. Additionally, we loaded this recipe with shea butter making this[…]

Roasted Vegetable Soup | The Daniel Fast

This Roasted Vegetable Soup is so delicious and easy! It’s a low-fat recipe perfect for the Daniel Fast, a light dinner, or for a vegetarian side dish. Chopping the veggies is the hardest part, but you’ll be out of the kitchen in no time!

Freshy French Fries Wax Melts

French fries have been a classic favorite for centuries. They’re one of the best side dishes, staple pairing to a seared with almost anything, best of all a juicy burger. We have turned your favorite treat into delicious-smelling wax melts. Now serving a mound of crispy french fries. These beautifully[…]

Saltwater Taffy Assorted

Pete’s famous Sea Salt Taffy. Firm and full of flavor, Sea Salt Taffy is one of our best sellers.

Mango Jicama Slaw

This mango jicama slaw with a spicy and sweet mango dressing is a copycat recipe for the Trader Joe’s slaw. It’s light, refreshing and makes a perfect summer side or topping for tacos. #jicamaslaw #jicamarecipe #traderjoescopycat